Sunrax complex system manufacture lr

Sunrax has an in-house design and development team operating the latest 3D and 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology

The design team create both standardised, modular solutions as well as bespoke engineered client specific solutions each to exacting standards and international specifications.

We invent and create innovative solutions for demanding applications and thus have established ourselves as a leader in the designer of systems for use with an number of water and oil based fluids, including;

  • Puried water
  • Glycol solutions
  • Synthetic organic uids
  • Silicone uids

Sunrax cad 1 lr

Sunrax process design 2

We also provide full process system design, create process methodology, schematic layouts and help clients select the right process equipment for their desired outputs whether it is for a pilot plant, research and development lab or production plant upgrade.

Sunrax Process Technologies offer a complex range of value-add services, starting at the Design stage, as follows;